Because how we spend our days is,
of course, how we spend our lives. Annie Dillard
Have you ever experienced the wondrous feeling of absolute harmony?

When the world around you is perfectly still, your heart feels full, and your being feels whole? 

When you simply exist in that one single moment, breathing in and out slowly, in-tune with everything around you, a smile on your face, and your body aglow?  

I think everyone has felt this way at least once in their lives and can remember how satisfyingly peaceful and utterly beautiful the moment was, wishing they could feel that way forever.  Perhaps it happened at a beach in the Caribbean witnessing a stunning sunset, during the birth of a first child, while saying "I-do" to the love of your life, or at the completion of your first marathon.

These big moments in life are certainly joyous and monumental, but are few and far between.  In the interim, we go about our daily lives keeping up with the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced society. We burn ourselves out by working so hard to attain those perfect moments that seem to vanish in the blink of an eye.  This is the reality we have created for ourselves, influenced by today's unreasonable standards.

What if we could learn to live in a way in which these perfect moments could happen more frequently? Where the stars could align for us on a daily basis?  Where happiness and joy were the default? Where beauty and calm simply existed at your fingertips?

What if we could all live in habitual harmony?

This phrase, to me, has a simple meaning:

Habitual harmony is the deliberate practice of being in a constant state of peace within yourself and the world.

Living a wholly content and happy life starts with how we decide to spend each moment of our actual being, choosing not only to act and think in a certain way, but to follow through with them on a daily basis.

This blog is all about cultivating habits for a harmonious lifestyle in a crazy world.  

Of course, changing a lifestyle does not happen overnight.  The habits I will write about are to be slowly learned and practiced day by day.  It took me eight years (and counting) of conscious application of new habits to reach a point in my life where I feel I am truly content at my core and on an actual path toward enlightenment.

The habits I introduced into my life mainly have to do with:

  • Simplifying
  • Changing perspectives
  • Slowing down
  • Getting healthy
  • Seeking quiet
  • Practicing compassion
  • Embracing environmentalism
  • Self nurture

I was once a not-so-happy person who was riddled worry, fear, and relentless anxiety. Though I am happier these days, I still regrettably see that old person in those around me, from close peers to strangers on the street, struggling.  Every time I see that person, an old wound inside me stings, and I feel a deep responsibility to do something about it.  

My hope is that sharing all that I have learned (and am learning) will help others emerge from the darkness and evolve into the happiest possible versions of themselves.

Because everyone deserves to be habitually in harmony.